Pit Stop in Osaka and Nara Deer Park

I was debating between Kyoto or Osaka as my next destination after I left Takayama. At this point I was getting tired of exploring and I wanted to go to a place where I wouldn’t feel the need to be out all the time doing something or seeing something. So I decided that Osaka was the place I needed to go, whereas in Kyoto I would feel the need to go out and explore, which I didn’t have the energy anymore to do.

Looking back, it was the right choice, and just what I needed. I didn’t do anything special in Osaka, yet it was still so memorable. I’m writing this post a year later and I still remember many of the little things I did like:

  • Walking around the local grocery store, getting snacks and food. I remember the music playing in the store was awesome so I looked it up with Shazam and added it to my playlist for that month.
  • Making udon in the hostel and chatting with other travelers.
  • Walking around the local mall and getting a haircut in a random alley.

I also ended up doing some exploring through the city but I didn’t bring my camera along and took no photos because I wanted to be completely present. I remember finding a street music performer, a cool night market, and got myself some takoyaki.

On one of the days I took a day trip out to Nara, it was a short train ride away and I went to see the deer park that I had heard about. I had a wonderful and relaxing time strolling through the park, watching the deer casually walking around the place, occasionally headbutting to get some food.

The street from the train station leading to Nara deer park

Animal Crossing: Deer Edition

So cute

Until they attack you for your food

This one's doing her best giraffe impression.

Some parts of the park look so serene

Found a gazebo to sit under and eat my musubi for lunch. This guy was eyeing my food the entire time.

I was in Osaka, Japan between January 14th - January 18th, 2019. From here I left Japan and flew over to China. It’s been a goal of my to publish all the photo journals for every city I visited. I’m nearly there!