Islands, Beaches and Sunsets in Krabi, Thailand

Originally I was thinking of avoiding Thailand because of it’s reputation as a party backpacker kind of place, a culture which I never got into. However I knew that was narrow minded of me and the country likely had a lot of other things to offer travelers who aren’t into the party scene. I managed to find a cheap flight, I think about $80, from Mumbai to Bangkok. So off I went to Thailand.

I debated for a while over whether to go to the north of Thailand for the mountainous feel or the south for the beach vibe. In the end I chose the southern beaches because I had been missing the beaches back home in California and I just wanted to find a place to unwind near the ocean after a tiring 2-3 weeks in India. I chose the city of Krabi, which is a city on the coast of Thailand’s southern arm, that does not have the same party beach reputation that Pattaya/Phuket has. Here are some photos and stories from my 5 days in Krabi, Thailand.

I stayed at a hostel that was just a 2 minute walk away from the ocean. I spent a lot of time walking the little side street full of restaurants and food stands, and hanging around the beach, especially since it was so hot here.

I spent my first day exploring the nearby beach and found a little path at one end that led me around one of these massive limestone cliffs to a much smaller and less crowded side beach.

It was peaceful and nice at the little side beach so I stayed until sundown and was treated to the most vivid sunset I had ever seen.

At one point the sky looked like it was set on fire.

I sat there watching the sky go from pale blue, to blazing orange, to purple with red and orange streaks across the sky, to a dark purple, and then finally black. It was mesmerizing (all of these are unedited photos).

Aside from the beach I spent most of my time in Krabi resting in my hostel and eating pad thais, papaya salads, and mango sticky rice.

One of the days I decided to make a day trip over to another beach nearby to go for a swim. It was only accessible via boat and I was hoping it would be less crowded.

When I got there, it was PACKED with people and there was a big resort built right on the beach... ugh. But I heard that there was another smaller beach on the other side of the peninsula so I decided to try and find it, maybe it would be less packed.

On my map it showed that the only 'route' was through this jungle-y area. It felt very adventurous and I felt like I was on my way to find some secret beach.

Deeper into the brush... No sign of any 'secret beach' or any way to get to the other side of the peninsula... I ended up getting lost, walked in a circle and ended up right back where I started. I also walked straight into a small cloud of mosquitoes and suffered 5 bites instantaneously.

In the end I found my 'secret beach'. Turns out, there was a nice paved path straight through the resort to the other side of the peninsula... I felt so dumb thinking I had to Indiana Jones my way to it. Plus it was even more packed than the main beach. At least the water was clean and crisp and great for a swim.

Another morning I decided to head out to one of the smaller islands off the coast of Krabi. The boat ride was as scenic as it was bumpy and everybody on board (6 people) got soaked by the waves splashing over the small banana boat.

Got to a cluster of 3 islands called tub/chicken island that were connected by a sandbar. It was cool because you could walk between the two islands during low tide.

The tides came up around 10am, I had walked over the sandbar to the biggest of the 3 islands called Chicken Island and was stuck there until sunset because the little boat that took us here only made 1 round trip a day. None of us on the boat knew about that until we had gotten to the island.

I found a spot to lay down under a tree to watch the clouds and the waves, it was so fun and relaxing, and I felt really happy. I couldn't remember the last time I just laid down somewhere and watched clouds go by.

Had a lot of time to do nothing and I had my camera so I played around with taking sea foam shots. I also made a friend from Germany who was on my boat and also got stuck on this island all day.

Walked along the little beach on the island and found some beached jellyfish and poked at them with a stick.

Found some cute crabs too. In the end getting stuck on this island actually turned out to be one of my favorite and most memorable days in Thailand.

I was in Krabi, Thailand from December 9th, 2018 to December 14th, 2018