My 6 Month Solo Backpacking Trip In Numbers

I used to build websites for a living, and still kinda do since I’m getting into freelance and starting my own business, so I built a little website infographic to commemorate my 6 month solo backpacking trip I just got back from.

The first day I woke up after I got back home, I distinctively remember wondering for just a second if the past 6 months was a dream. It’s crazy thinking back on my trip now that I’ve been back home for about a week. I’m still in a state of shock and euphoria about the fact that it actually happened, but enough rambling here’s the website that the point of this post is supposed to share:

I calculated a TON of stats from the past 6 months of backpacking and used only photos I took during my trip. There’s stuff like how much I spent, how many different places I slept in, how many cities I passed through, the farthest place I went, etc…

There’s nothing here, I made a separate website just for this post so I could make it nicer! -

Hope you enjoy!