Singapore at Night

Some snapshots of my nighttime Singapore adventures. I got pretty lucky with the timing of my Singapore trip. I managed to catch a couple celebrations here completely by chance, including the 100th anniversary of the Marina Bay Barrage. I was also staying in Singapore’s Little India, which was extremely festive because I happened to be staying there during the lead up to Diwali.

My first night I walked over to Marina Barrage, a large dam at the mouth of Marina Bay, which had some good views of the city

There were TONS of people there with music and food, I didn't think much of it and assumed it was just because Singapore is a super crowded city. But then I heard a DJ over the loudspeakers announce the start of the festivities celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Marina Bay Barrage. They even had fireworks.

My legs were killing me on the long walk back to the subway station after the festivities. The architecture and views along the walk was beautiful though.

Took a detour to visit the iconic supertrees. You have to pay to get into the main grove but there was a little side grove with 3 giant trees open to the public. They were impressive to say the least.

This was my view every night when I went back to my Airbnb, which was situated in the heart of Singapore's Little India. The community was gearing up for Diwali and the street outside my lodging was lit up and bustling every night.

Tons of street vendors selling flowers all day and night in Little India. I'd walk past at least 5 of these stands on my way back home.

Another night, I explored a local mall which had different wings that were themed to different countries/cultures, here's the 'Japan' wing

Here's the Hong Kong wing. Singapore really feels like a microcosm of Asia.

On a different night I explored the more urban downtown area.

A square in the middle of a downtown office plaza. I got a futuristic vibe from this place because of how clean and global it felt.

Took a bus to the 'other side of the country' about 20 minutes away, for some laksa, which is a spicy seafood noodle soup made w/ coconut milk. Apparently Gordon Ramsay had a laksa cook off here with the restaurant owner on some show and lost in a popular vote.