A Morning in Singapore

A photo journal of a walk I took around the Marina Bay area in Singapore. I got out at ~5am one morning, so I could see the busy metropolitan city during quieter hours and catch the sunrise over the city.

Took a taxi to Marina Bay in the morning around 5am in the morning. I was able to get there early enough to get a great photo of the city lights reflecting over the quiet morning waters in the bay before sun came up.

Here comes the sun.

Another shot of the city lit up by the soft morning sun.

Looking over the other side of the bay, there were tons of ships anchored in the ocean around Singapore.

The long walk back to the subway station again, with almost nobody around aside from a few morning joggers.

Noticed some of the pretty flowers along the walkway.

Purple flowers.

Took a slight detour to walk along the canal. I've never seen Singapore this empty, it was super peaceful.

Lots of nice flowers along this boardwalk too.

This whole area is called Gardens by the Bay, so it's filled with cool plants.

Great views of the supertrees here in the morning.

Back in the city.

Back to the subway, packed with commuters.

Went to my favorite place for breakfast: this porridge stand at a hawker center near my Airbnb. It's just $3 SGD for the tastiest bowl of chicken, pork or fish porridge and I always pair it with a red bean bun from an adjacent stall, just 80 cents per bun!