Photo Journal of Kathmandu

I spent a total of 5 days in Kathmandu, before and after my Everest Base Camp Trek. It was the first place I went on my trip that was vastly different from home in terms of infrastructure and average wealth, and it really put into perspective how rich the US, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore were in comparison. Here’s a photo journal of my experiences in Kathmandu:

I stayed in Thamel which is the part of Kathmandu where all the lodging/hotels are and is considered the 'touristy' part. It was cleaner and more organized than the other parts of Kathmandu I saw later.

Ate a lot of vegetable momos during my time here, I decided to avoid meat and stick to local foods to lower my chances of food poisoning. These were good and were very similar to the chinese dumplings I am familiar with.

I got here right during Diwali, and on one of the nights every shop put out these offerings or a colorful flower pattern called Rangoli in front of their shop.

Saw a lot of people on the street selling the festive colored powders.

Also saw a lot of the lingering destruction that the 2015 earthquake here in Nepal had on the city. A lot of buildings were still in very bad shape.

Street dogs were a common sight, they were all very docile.

Visited a temple that was COMPLETELY covered in pigeons.

There was a temple on top of a hill around here called the Monkey Temple, it had good views of the city (albeit through the thick smog) and a lot of monkeys.

View of just a small slice of Kathmandu. It was like this all around.

Street cows were also a common sight along the roads here.

My most consumed meal in Kathmandu and later on in the mountains: Dal Bhat. The best part was that you get free refills of most of the sides, great when you're hungry.

A giant Buddhist temple in Kathmandu, they had these all over the place in the city and up and down the mountains. This was the biggest one.

I was in Nepal between November 6th, 2018 - November 23rd, 2018, mainly for the Everest Base Camp Trek.